What Is the Industrial Interior Design Style?

The industrial interior design style is an aesthetic that takes cues from the industrial age and combines them with modern design elements. It’s a look that harks back to a simpler time while still offering a contemporary twist.

Industrial interiors are dominated by raw, exposed materials such as steel, concrete and brick, often with an unfinished look. This style emphasizes functionality over form, but it can still be quite stylish.

The industrial interior design style is perfect for those looking to create a unique and interesting space. It lends itself to minimalistic designs as fewer materials are necessary to achieve the desired effect.

The main focus of this style is to create a space that feels utilitarian yet inviting. The use of vintage furniture, fixtures and accents help to bring a sense of warmth into the room without taking away from the overall feeling of industrial chic.

When creating an industrial interior design look, it is important to focus on texture and contrast. Using different materials in their natural state can help create visual interest while still keeping the overall style consistent.

Elements like wood, metal and concrete can be used together to create a unique atmosphere. Accents such as lighting fixtures or wall art can also be used to add character while still keeping within the theme.

Incorporating accent colors into an industrial interior design scheme can add life and vibrancy without detracting from the overall aesthetic. Colors like blue, green or yellow can be used sparingly for an eye-catching look without feeling out of place in these types of spaces.


The industrial interior design style is perfect for those looking for an edgy yet inviting atmosphere in their home or workspace. It combines raw materials with modern touches for a unique look that will stand out from other styles. Accents like colors and lighting fixtures help bring life into the room without detracting from the overall feel of this aesthetic.