What Is Industrial Chic Interior Design?

Industrial chic interior design is a style of interior design that combines elements of industrial and modern design. It is a very popular look in both residential and commercial settings. The industrial chic look can be achieved by using a combination of materials such as metal, wood, brick, and concrete.

The use of these materials in their raw forms creates an atmosphere of urban sophistication. The industrial elements add texture, visual interest, and a modern edge to any space.

These materials are often paired with sleek furniture pieces to create an overall urban aesthetic. Industrial chic lighting choices also add to the overall feel of the space by providing interesting accents that draw attention to certain areas or provide ambient lighting for the entire space.

Industrial chic can also be achieved through the use of color. Neutral colors like grey or white provide a great backdrop for any industrial-style space.

Accents such as pops of color or bold patterns can be used to add visual interest and bring out the industrial elements in the room. Adding vintage pieces into an industrial-style room also helps to give it more personality and charm.

Overall, industrial chic interior design offers an edgy yet stylish look that is perfect for both residential and commercial settings. By incorporating elements such as metal, wood, brick, concrete, neutral colors, vintage pieces, and bold accents you can create an urban-style atmosphere with a modern edge.


Industrial chic interior design is a stylish yet edgy way to bring modern sophistication into any residential or commercial setting. Through the use of metal, wood, brick and concrete materials along with neutrals colors and bold accents you can easily create this urban style atmosphere.