What Is the Industrial Interior Design?

Industrial interior design is an aesthetic style that is defined by unfinished surfaces, steel and concrete materials, and exposed mechanical elements. It is a look that was born out of the warehouses and factories of the early 20th century but has since been adapted to fit a variety of different spaces. This style is often seen in restaurants, retail stores, lofts, and even modern homes.

Industrial design has a rough, utilitarian feel to it. The signature raw materials give interiors an edgy, urban vibe.

In addition to metal and concrete, wood can also be used to add warmth to an industrial space. Reclaimed wood is especially popular due to its rustic appearance.


In order to achieve the industrial look, furniture has to be kept simple and functional. Sturdy leather sofas and metal chairs are common pieces for this style.

Industrial furniture pieces often feature clean lines and minimal ornamentation. To add some contrast, use furniture with softer materials such as velvet or linen.


Lighting plays a key role in creating the industrial look. Exposed bulbs are a popular choice as they add an industrial touch while also providing plenty of light for the space. Chandeliers made from metal or glass can be used to create a statement piece in larger rooms.


Accessories are important for adding texture and personality to any room. Industrial spaces can benefit from pieces like vintage signs, canvas artwork, framed photographs, plants in iron pots or geometric sculptures.


What Is the Industrial Interior Design? Industrial interior design is an aesthetic style that combines unfinished surfaces with concrete and metal materials in order to create a unique urban feel.

Furniture should remain simple with minimal ornamentation while lighting should utilize exposed bulbs or chandeliers for maximum effect. Accessories like vintage signs or plants can help personalize the space for added texture and personality.