What Is Industrial Style Interior Design?

Industrial style interior design is a popular trend, creating a unique look and feel in homes and businesses. It combines elements of industrial materials and contemporary design to create an edgy, modern aesthetic.

Industrial style is all about showing off the raw materials and industrial elements of a space. This can include exposed brick walls, metal pipes, ducts, and vents, unfinished surfaces, concrete floors, aged metals, distressed woods, and other salvaged materials.

The industrial look often incorporates furniture pieces that are made from reclaimed wood or metal. They often feature clean lines and minimalistic design with function taking precedence over decoration. Industrial style interiors use neutral colors such as grays, whites and blacks to create a minimalist look with plenty of texture throughout the space.

Lighting plays an important role in industrial style interior design. Pendant lights are common in industrial spaces as they provide effective task lighting while adding a unique style element to the room. Vintage-style filament bulbs are also popular for their soft glow that adds warmth to the room.


Accents can be used to add interest to an industrial space. Textiles such as leather or wool rugs can be layered for warmth and comfort on concrete floors or distressed woods. Industrial furniture pieces can be used to add character to the space while providing storage solutions.


Industrial style interior design is all about incorporating raw materials into contemporary design for an edgy yet modern aesthetic. It is achieved through using reclaimed wood furniture pieces with clean lines, neutral colors like grays and whites, pendant lights for task lighting, textiles for warmth and comfort, and various industrial accents for character. All these elements come together for a stylish yet functional interior space.