What Is the Industrial Design Style?

Industrial design style is a type of interior decoration that emphasizes the use of raw materials and industrial-style products. It is characterized by an emphasis on utilitarian, functional pieces and often includes salvaged or reclaimed items.

Industrial style typically draws from the aesthetics of factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. The design style can be seen as a reflection of the industrial revolution and its influence on modern society.

The key elements of industrial design are functionalism, simplicity, and an uncluttered look. The focus is to create a space that is practical yet stylish.

Industrial style interiors often contain exposed brick walls, pipes, ducts, metal beams, concrete floors or ceilings, and distressed wood furniture. The lighting should also be kept simple with exposed filament bulbs or metal cage ceiling lights.

Textiles in industrial design are typically neutral in color to complement the utilitarian feel. Natural fiber rugs like jute or sisal provide texture without taking away from the raw materials used in the space. Furniture with clean lines like mid-century modern pieces give a nod to the past while still being modern and updated.

Accessories should maintain the simple aesthetic while adding a bit of personality to the space. Vintage items like typewriters or clocks are perfect for adding character without distracting from the overall look. Mirrors can make any room appear larger while still maintaining a streamlined appearance.


Industrial design style is an interior decorating style that uses raw materials and functional pieces to create a space that looks sleek yet practical. Its key elements include functionalism, simplicity, and an uncluttered look.

Industrial style can be seen as a reflection of the industrial revolution’s influence on modern society. Neutral textiles help to maintain this aesthetic while vintage accessories add character to complete this timeless look.