What Is an Industrial Design Style?

Industrial design style is a type of design that emphasizes the use of materials and objects typically found in industrial settings, such as metal, wood, concrete, and brick. It also incorporates vintage-inspired elements like exposed pipes, Edison bulbs, and distressed surfaces. This style of design is most often used in commercial spaces but can also be seen in residential homes.

The industrial design style has its roots in the 19th century Industrial Revolution when factories were built with a focus on efficiency and productivity. This utilitarian aesthetic is still evident today with its focus on raw materials, exposed structures, and functional components such as exposed pipes, bare floors, and heavy-duty furnishings.

When it comes to furniture and fixtures in an industrial design space, there are a few key characteristics that help to define the look. These include:

  • Metal – Metal furniture is often used to give a space an industrial look. Common pieces include chairs with metal frames or tables with metal legs.
  • Wood – Wood pieces are used to bring warmth to an industrial space while still maintaining the utilitarian aesthetic.

    Tables with reclaimed wood tops or shelves made from salvaged wood are popular choices.

  • Concrete – Concrete is often used for its strength and durability. It can be seen as countertops or floors in industrial-style kitchens or bathrooms.


Lighting plays an important role in setting the tone for an industrial space. Vintage light fixtures like Edison bulbs can add charm while also providing functional lighting to work areas. Task lighting such as wall sconces can provide additional illumination where needed.


Accessories such as decorative hardware or fixtures can add personality to an otherwise straightforward space. A weathered-looking mirror or a giant clock face are great choices for bringing a touch of character without compromising the overall look.

Color Palette

< p >When it comes to colors for an industrial design style, black and white are popular choices because they complement the natural materials used throughout the space. However, pops of color can be added through accessories or artwork if desired. Think muted shades like olive green or mustard yellow for a subtle injection of life into your space.

< p >In summary, an industrial design style emphasizes raw materials and objects typically found in industrial settings such as metal, wood, concrete, and brick. It also includes vintage-inspired pieces like exposed pipes and Edison bulbs for an added touch of character.

This type of design works great for commercial spaces but can easily be adapted for residential homes too!

< p >< b >Conclusion: What Is An Industrial Design Style?

< p >Industrial design style is a type of interior design that focuses on using materials typically found in factories and other industrial settings while also incorporating vintage-inspired elements like exposed pipes and Edison bulbs into the overall look. This type of design works well in both commercial spaces as well as residential homes thanks to its versatility!