What Is Modern Industrial Interior Design?

Modern industrial interior design is a style of decorating that draws inspiration from the industrial age. It is characterized by an exposed, utilitarian aesthetic that combines elements of metal, wood, and concrete. The style is often seen in lofts, restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces due to its ability to create a modern, urban feel.

The industrial interior design look often features neutral colors such as black and white. However, it can also incorporate bolder colors to add visual interest.

The key is to keep it simple and allow the materials used to be the focus of the space. Metal surfaces are often left in their natural state or painted with a glossy finish. Wood can be left unfinished or treated with oil or wax for a more rustic feel.

The furniture pieces used in this style of decor should be highly functional. Pieces made from industrial materials like metal and wood are ideal for creating an authentic look.

Industrial-style lighting fixtures such as pendants and sconces add to the overall aesthetic. Accessories such as vintage signs, artwork featuring industrial themes, and plants can also be used to bring the look together.

Modern industrial interior design is a great option for those looking for an edgy yet stylish space that stands out from the crowd. By combining different elements such as metal finishes and furniture pieces made from industrial materials, you can create an urban oasis that has a unique look all its own.


Modern Industrial Interior Design is an excellent way to create a modern yet edgy atmosphere in any room while paying homage to the industrial age. It combines elements of metal, wood, concrete and other materials along with neutral colors and functional furniture pieces for an overall urban feel. With some creativity and knowledge about how these elements work together you can create a unique space that will stand out from the crowd!