What Are the Types of Product Design?

Product design is a specialized field of design that focuses on creating products for consumer use. Product designers use a variety of methods to create products that are attractive and practical, as well as taking into consideration safety, sustainability, and other factors. There are several different types of product design, each with its own characteristics and focus areas.

Industrial Design: Industrial design focuses on creating products with an aesthetic appeal, often from scratch. Industrial designers work with a variety of mediums such as wood, metal, plastics, and fabrics to create products like furniture, appliances, small machines, or even entire buildings. Industrial designers must understand the principles of ergonomics and aesthetics in order to make sure their designs are both beautiful and functional.

Product Engineering: Product engineering is a type of product design that focuses on the technical aspects of product creation. It involves the integration of mechanical components such as motors or electrical components into existing designs or creating new designs from scratch. Product engineers must have an understanding of electronics and materials science in order to create products that are safe and reliable.

Human Factors/Ergonomics: Human factors/ergonomics is another type of product design which focuses on making sure a product is designed for maximum user comfort and safety. Ergonomics takes into account factors like body size and shape when designing products so that they can be used easily by the intended user group. This type of product design also looks at how interfaces are designed for ease-of-use by people with various levels of ability.

Packaging Design: Packaging designers focus on the packaging aspect of product development in order to ensure it meets all applicable regulations while also being attractive to consumers. This includes designing labels, boxes, wrappers or bags for a particular product in order to protect it during transit or display it attractively on store shelves. Packaging designers must have an understanding of marketing principles in order to make sure their designs effectively promote their client’s brand image while also being functional enough to ensure the safe transport of the item inside it.


Product design encompasses several different specializations which all have their own unique focus areas when it comes to creating products for consumer use. Industrial design focuses on aesthetics while product engineering looks at technical aspects such as integration with electronic components or motors; human factors/ergonomics considers user comfort and safety; and packaging design incorporates marketing principles in order to attract consumers while ensuring efficient transport methods.