What Is Considered Product Design?

Product design is a critical component of any successful business. It involves the development of products that are attractive, easy to use, and cost-effective. It also includes research and development, marketing, manufacturing, and customer service.

Product design is a creative process that takes into consideration user needs, product features, ergonomics, aesthetics, marketability, and cost. The goal of product design is to create a product that meets the customer’s expectations while being profitable for the manufacturer.

The process of product design begins with user experience research. This entails understanding the needs of potential customers and designing a product that meets those needs. Research methods such as interviews and surveys are used to gather data about customer preferences and requirements for products.

After understanding user needs and preferences, the next step in product design is concept development. Here designers create ideas for products based on the data collected from research.

Concepts are then tested with potential customers to refine them further before they are finalized for production. Prototyping is used to test concepts in various ways such as usability testing or market testing to see how successful they will be with Target audiences.

The next step in product design is engineering where specifications are determined such as materials used and production methods employed. This step involves collaboration between engineers and designers to ensure that the final product meets all requirements for functionality as well as aesthetics.

Finally, after engineering is complete the product goes into production where it is manufactured according to specifications developed during engineering phase. Quality control measures are taken during production to ensure that every unit produced meets quality standards set forth by the designer or manufacturer.

Product design can be an iterative process depending on how much feedback is received from users during concept development or testing phases. This feedback can be used to refine existing concepts or develop new ones until a final version of the product has been created that meets customer expectations while being economically viable for manufacturers.


In conclusion, Product Design is a multi-faceted process which involves research into customer needs; concept development; engineering; production; and quality control measures in order to create products which meet user needs while being profitable for manufacturers.