How Do You Get Diamonds on Design Home?

Diamonds are the most sought-after currency in Design Home, a popular home design game. Players use diamonds to purchase items and complete their interior design projects. But how do you get diamonds on Design Home?

1. Complete Quests – Completing quests is one of the best ways to earn diamonds in Design Home.

Each quest consists of several tasks, including designing rooms with specific requirements, or voting on other players’ designs. When you complete a quest, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds and other rewards such as coins and furniture items.

2. Participate in Challenges – Challenges are weekly events where you can compete with other players by designing a room based on a theme.

The top designs will be rewarded with diamonds and exclusive furniture items. It’s important to read the challenge rules carefully before submitting your design for a chance to win!

3. Buy Diamonds – If you don’t want to wait for rewards from completing quests or challenges, there is always the option of buying diamonds directly from the game store using real money. You can use these diamonds to instantly purchase furniture items and complete your design projects faster than ever before.

4. Watch Ads – You can also earn free diamonds by watching ads in the game store or in exchange for completing surveys or downloading apps recommended by Design Home’s partners. This method is not as reliable as completing quests or challenges but it’s an easy way to get some extra diamonds if you have some time to spare.

Conclusion: There are several ways to get diamonds on Design Home, such as completing quests, participating in challenges, buying them directly from the game store, or watching ads and completing surveys offered by partners of the game. Finding the right combination of methods can help you get all the diamonds you need for your interior design projects!