How Do You Get Free Diamonds on Design Home?

Design Home is a popular simulation game that allows users to design and decorate virtual homes and become part of a vibrant interior design community. With its realistic 3D visuals, users can create beautiful homes, compete with other players, and even win prizes for their designs.

One of the most sought-after items in Design Home are diamonds, which are used to purchase items in the game. Unfortunately, they can be expensive to buy with real money. But there are ways to get free diamonds in Design Home.

One of the easiest ways to get free diamonds is by completing certain actions within the game such as playing daily challenges or completing certain tasks. Players can also earn diamonds by watching videos or downloading sponsored apps. The number of diamonds rewarded for each action varies, but it’s usually enough to help players purchase some of the more expensive items in Design Home.

Another way to get free diamonds is by taking surveys or participating in sweepstakes hosted by Design Home’s partners. These surveys and sweepstakes usually offer a large number of diamonds as a reward for participating. While it may take some time to complete these tasks, it is worth it if you want some extra diamonds.

Finally, you can also get free diamonds by trading with other players through Design Home’s official trading platform. Here, players can exchange items and resources with other players who are looking for specific things. This is a great way to get free diamonds if you have something valuable that another player wants.


Overall, there are several ways to get free diamonds on Design Home without spending any real money. Players can complete daily challenges or tasks within the game, take surveys or participate in sweepstakes hosted by Design Home’s partners, or trade with other players using the official trading platform. All these methods provide a great opportunity for players to get their hands on some extra diamonds without having to break the bank.