How Do You Get Diamonds on Home Design Game?

Diamonds are a highly sought-after resource in Home Design Game. They can be used to purchase exclusive items, speed up construction, and more.

But how do you get diamonds on Home Design Game? Here are some tips and tricks on how to get diamonds on the game.

Daily Quests

The easiest way to get diamonds is by completing daily quests. You can access daily quests by clicking the ‘Quests’ tab in the top right corner of your screen. Complete as many quests as possible each day to earn diamonds and other rewards.

Invite Friends

You can also invite your friends to join the game and earn extra diamonds for each friend you invite. Once your friend has joined the game, you will receive an invitation bonus of 10 diamonds per friend.


Keep an eye out for special events that offer bonus rewards or double diamond days which give you twice as many diamonds when completing tasks on those days. Events are announced in-game or on the official Home Design Game social media pages so make sure to follow them if you want to keep up with current events that could help you get more diamonds in-game.

Buying Diamonds

If all else fails, you can buy diamonds directly through the in-game store using real money or virtual currency such as coins or gems. Keep in mind that this is not recommended unless absolutely necessary since buying diamond packs could become expensive quickly if not used wisely.

Conclusion: Getting diamonds on Home Design Game is possible through completing daily quests, inviting friends, taking part in special events, or buying them directly from the store. Keep an eye out for special events and follow Home Design Game’s social media pages for updates about new offers and double diamond days which could help increase your diamond count quickly and easily!