How Do You Earn Cash and Diamonds on Design Home?

Design Home is a mobile game that allows players to create beautiful interior designs and compete with each other. Players can earn cash and diamonds by completing tasks and competing in design challenges. Cash is used to purchase items for your designs, while diamonds are used as an in-game currency for more luxurious items.

Players earn cash by completing tasks such as selecting furniture from a list of options, adding decorations, and placing items within the space. The amount of money that can be earned varies depending on the task, and the difficulty level of the task. For example, a more challenging task may require more time to complete and thus give more rewards than an easier task.

Players also earn cash from participating in design challenges. These are timed competitions where players must create a design within a specific theme or style.

Players will be judged on their designs based on criteria such as creativity, layout, and overall style. Players who place well in these competitions will receive rewards such as cash or diamonds.

Diamonds are earned by completing certain tasks or by purchasing them with real money. They can be used to purchase exclusive boosts or premium items that cannot be purchased with cash alone. It is important to note that diamonds should be used sparingly since they are limited in supply.

Design Home also offers users daily bonuses which can include both cash or diamonds depending on the day’s bonus offer. These bonuses are given out at random intervals throughout the day so it is important to check back often for new offers.

Overall, Design Home offers players several opportunities to earn both cash and diamonds through various activities such as completing tasks, participating in design challenges, taking advantage of daily bonuses, and purchasing with real money when needed. With dedication and creativity, it is possible to stock up on both currencies without spending too much real money if desired.


Design Home provides players with an exciting way to flex their creative muscles while also earning rewards like cash and diamonds along the way! It’s easy to start earning rewards through simple tasks like selecting furniture from a list of options or competing in design challenges; however, it’s important to remember that diamonds should be used sparingly since they are limited in supply.