How Do You Get Money on Design Home?

Design Home is a popular mobile game where players can decorate virtual homes with real furniture and decorations from top brands. Players can also compete and earn rewards for their designs in weekly competitions. But how do you get money on Design Home?

The most common way to make money on Design Home is to enter the weekly competitions. Each competition lasts for one week, and players are judged on their designs by a panel of experts.

The winners are awarded with coins, which can be used to purchase items from the store. Additionally, players can complete daily challenges to earn coins as well.

Another way to make money on Design Home is by purchasing items in the store using real-world currency. This allows players to purchase items without having to win competitions or complete daily challenges. However, these items tend to be more expensive than those found in the store through winning competitions or completing daily challenges.

Design Home also offers exclusive deals from time-to-time which can help players save money when purchasing items from the store. These deals often include discounts on certain items or free items for a limited period of time. Players should keep an eye out for these deals so they don’t miss out on any savings!

Finally, some players may find that they can make money through selling their designs or services related to Design Home in the game’s marketplace. This could involve anything from selling completed designs, offering design advice or consulting services related to Design Home, or even helping other players find rare pieces of furniture and decorations for their homes.


Getting money on Design Home involves competing in weekly competitions, completing daily challenges, purchasing items using real-world currency, taking advantage of exclusive deals and offers and selling designs or services related to Design Home in the marketplace. With these tips, players should have no problem making money on Design Home!