How Do You Design an Industrial Style Kitchen?

When it comes to designing an industrial-style kitchen, there are a few key elements that should be kept in mind. Industrial style kitchens are often characterized by a minimalist design and utilitarian elements. This type of kitchen often pairs sleek lines with raw materials, such as exposed brick or concrete, metal or wood accents and stainless steel appliances.

The layout of the kitchen is essential to achieving the desired look. An open floor plan with plenty of counter space is ideal for an industrial-style kitchen.

The walls should be kept relatively bare, allowing the materials and textures to stand out without being overwhelmed by other elements. Exposed brick walls can create a visually stunning backdrop for this type of kitchen.

When choosing appliances for an industrial-style kitchen, look for sleek and modern designs in neutral tones like stainless steel or black. Incorporating industrial-style features into your lighting scheme can also help to create the desired look. Hanging pendants with exposed bulbs, track lighting or wall sconces can provide light while adding to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Furniture is another important element when designing an industrial-style kitchen. Look for pieces that have simple lines and neutral colors like black or grey to keep with the minimalistic theme. Metal chairs or stools can add a touch of industrial chic while still keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Flooring is another crucial element when designing an industrial style kitchen. Look for materials that are durable yet still have a modern feel such as concrete tiles, wood laminate or polished cement floors. Avoid overly ornate patterns as these will detract from the overall aesthetic of the space.

Creating an industrial-style kitchen is all about creating a minimalist feel while incorporating materials like metal, wood and exposed brick into the design scheme.

By following these tips on how to design an industrial style kitchen, you will be able to create a unique, stylish and modern space that reflects your personal taste.


Designing an industrial style kitchen requires careful consideration of layout, appliances, furniture, flooring and lighting fixtures in order to create a cohesive aesthetic that reflects your personal taste while still keeping it minimalistic and utilitarian. By using raw materials such as metal, wood and exposed brick along with sleek lines and neutral colors you will be able to create a unique yet stylish space perfect for cooking up delicious meals!