What Is Industrial Kitchen Design?

Industrial kitchen design is a popular trend in today’s modern homes. It is a mix of traditional and modern elements that create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. Industrial kitchen designs are often characterized by open spaces, exposed pipes, ducts and beams, metal accents, and the use of cold industrial materials like stainless steel and concrete.

The industrial look for a kitchen can be achieved with a variety of elements, from lighting to appliances to cabinetry. Lighting should be kept simple but still provide enough illumination for the room.

Wall sconces or track lighting can be used to highlight certain areas of the kitchen, while pendant lights can create a dramatic statement in the center of the room. Appliances should be chosen based on their industrial aesthetic as well as their functionality; stainless steel is often preferred for its sleek look. Cabinets should also have a more industrial feel with metal accents or concrete countertops.

In addition to traditional materials like stainless steel and concrete, other materials may be used in an industrial kitchen design such as wood, glass, brick and tile. Wood can help add warmth to the room while glass can make it feel more open and airy. Brick or tile can bring texture into the space while still maintaining an industrial vibe.

When designing an industrial kitchen there are several key components that should be taken into consideration. The layout should incorporate plenty of storage space while allowing for easy movement throughout the area; this will help keep clutter at bay while also providing ample workspace for cooking and dining activities. The use of color is also important; dark hues like black or gray tend to work best in this style of design as they will create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance without being too overpowering or distracting from other design elements.


Industrial kitchen design is becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern homes due to its sophisticated yet functional aesthetic appeal. It features open spaces, exposed pipes, ducts and beams, metal accents, cold industrial materials such as stainless steel and concrete, wood accents, glass elements, brick or tile surfaces and plenty of storage space that will help keep any kitchen organized while still allowing it to look stylishly chic at all times.