How Can Service Design Be Different From the Product Design in Which of the Following Ways * 1 Point a Service Design Tends to Focus on Tangible Factors B There Is Less Latitude in Detecting and Correcting Errors Prior to Delivery C There Is a Lesser Requ

Service Design vs. Product Design

When it comes to design, there can be a lot of confusion between the two concepts of service design and product design. Both are important elements in the development process, but they have distinct differences that should be taken into account when deciding which one is best for your project.

A service design tends to focus on tangible factors such as customer experience, usability, and efficiency. It involves taking into account customer needs and desires, while also considering how the service will fit into their lifestyle. By understanding the user’s perspective, service designers can create a product that is tailored to their needs and preferences.

In contrast, product design focuses on creating a physical product or device that meets specific requirements. The emphasis is on engineering principles such as material selection, manufacturing processes, and cost optimization. Product designs typically involve extensive prototyping and testing before the final product is released to market.

When it comes to detecting and correcting errors prior to delivery, there is less latitude in a service design than in a product design. Service designs require frequent updates based on customer feedback and changes in technology or industry standards. This means that mistakes can be quickly identified and corrected before they become an issue for customers.

There is also a lesser requirement for detailed documentation with service designs compared to product designs. Service designs rely heavily on customer feedback to understand user needs and preferences; therefore detailed reports are not always necessary in order to develop effective solutions.

Overall, while they may have some similarities, service design and product design are two distinct disciplines with distinctly different aims – one focusing on delivering customer satisfaction while the other focuses on creating physical products that meet specific requirements. Understanding these differences can help ensure that you choose the right approach for your project.


Service Design tends to focus more on tangible factors in development such as customer experience whereas Product Design focuses more on engineering principles like material selection or cost optimization. There is less latitude when detecting errors prior to delivery in Service Design compared with Product Design due to regular updates being required based off of customer feedback or industry changes; finally there is also less requirement for detailed documentation when it comes to Service Design due its reliance on customer feedback over reports in order to develop effective solutions.