Where Can I Study Product Design in South Africa?

Product design is an increasingly popular field of study in South Africa, attracting creative and innovative students who are keen to learn more about the process of designing and developing products. Product design combines elements of art, engineering and psychology, as designers must consider the aesthetics, functionality, usability and marketability of a product. As such, studying product design can open up a number of career opportunities in a variety of industries.

So where can you study product design in South Africa? There are several institutions that offer courses related to the field, from universities and colleges to private schools and specialist academies.

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is one such institution that offers courses in product design. UJ offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design which covers everything from material science to ergonomics and product development. The course also includes modules on 3D printing and rapid prototyping, giving students the skills necessary to create innovative designs.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) also offers a Product Design course which teaches students how to develop products from concept to reality. The course focuses on user-centered design processes as well as sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. UCT also offers an Honours Degree in Product Design which provides students with more advanced knowledge on topics such as human factors engineering, industrial production systems and product performance evaluation.

In addition to university-level courses, there are several private schools offering courses related to product design. The Cape Town School of Design (CTSD) has been offering courses since 1998 that aim to teach students how to create innovative products through creative problem solving techniques. CTSD offers short courses as well as full-time diploma programmes in Product Design that cover topics such as human computer interaction, digital prototyping and sustainability.

Finally, there are several specialist academies dedicated solely to teaching product design skills. The Red & Yellow School is one such institution based in Cape Town which offers short courses tailored specifically for aspiring designers who want to learn more about the creative process involved in designing products for industry.

Product Design is an increasingly popular field of study in South Africa, with a range of institutions offering courses related to the subject including universities, colleges and specialist academies. Students wishing to pursue studies in this field can do so at any one of these institutions depending on their individual needs or goals.