Is Industrial Design Similar to Engineering?

Industrial design is a creative and technical discipline that focuses on the development of products, tools, and systems. It is often seen as a form of engineering and an extension of product design.

Industrial designers are concerned with the form and function of objects, as well as their usability, safety, and ergonomics. Industrial design is a multi-disciplinary activity that combines knowledge from many different fields such as engineering, psychology, graphic design, anthropology, linguistics, marketing and business management.

The primary focus of industrial designers is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. Industrial designers must understand how people interact with objects in order to create products that are easy to use and comfortable for users. They must also understand how materials interact with each other in order to create durable products with optimal performance.

Industrial designers must also take into account the cost of producing a product when making design decisions. They must consider factors such as production costs, manufacturing processes, supply chain costs, labor costs, environmental impacts, and more when designing a product.


Industrial design is indeed similar to engineering in many ways. Both disciplines require an understanding of people’s needs and behaviors when interacting with products.

Additionally, both disciplines involve the application of knowledge from multiple fields such as engineering psychology and graphic design. However industrial designers must also take into account factors such as cost when making their decisions which distinguishes it from engineering.