What Jobs Can You Get With Industrial Design?

Industrial Design is a highly specialized field that focuses on the design of products, services, and systems. It combines elements of engineering, psychology, aesthetics, artistry, ergonomics, and marketing to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Industrial designers work on projects ranging from consumer electronics to medical equipment to aircraft interiors and more.

Industrial designers are responsible for designing the form and function of a product. They must consider the product’s intended uses, materials available, cost constraints, user experience, safety concerns and other factors when creating a design. They also need to account for production methods so that their designs can be manufactured efficiently.

Industrial designers must also have a good understanding of manufacturing processes and techniques in order to bring their designs to life. They must be able to communicate effectively with engineers in order to ensure their design ideas are feasible and can be produced in the most cost-effective manner.

The job opportunities for industrial designers are varied and can include product design positions with companies such as Apple or Microsoft; roles within automotive industries such as General Motors or Toyota; industrial design consulting positions; CAD/CAM engineering roles; architectural roles with firms like Gensler or SOM; or product management positions at major retailers like Wal-Mart.


In conclusion, industrial design is a growing field with many different opportunities for those who have the skillset necessary. Industrial designers have the potential to work in many different industries including consumer electronics, automotive engineering, architecture, product management and more. With an education in industrial design combined with strong communication skills and a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes and techniques, you can open up doors of opportunity throughout your career.