What Jobs Are in Industrial Design?

Industrial design is the practice of designing and developing products, services and systems that create a meaningful connection between people and their environment. It is a profession that involves creating objects, products and services that are functional, aesthetic, safe and economically viable.

Industrial designers work with many different materials, processes and technologies to create products that are both visually appealing and highly functional. They must consider form, function, user experience and ergonomics when designing a product.

Industrial designers often work with teams of engineers to develop the concepts for new products or to modify existing products. They research trends in design, materials and technology to ensure their designs stay ahead of the competition.

Industrial designers need to have excellent communication skills in order to collaborate effectively with other professionals on projects. They must also be creative problem solvers who can think outside the box in order to develop innovative solutions.

The job opportunities for industrial designers vary from entry-level positions such as junior designer or assistant designer all the way up to senior level roles such as head of design or chief design officer. Some specific roles within industrial design include product designer, furniture designer, automotive designer, graphic designer, lighting designer and user experience designer.

Industrial designers are employed by companies of all sizes across a variety of sectors including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, electronics/electricals, medical devices/equipment and furniture/fixtures. Some industrial designers may choose to become self-employed consultants working on freelance projects.


Industrial design is an exciting field offering a wide range of job opportunities from entry-level positions up to managerial roles. Jobs in this field include product designer, automotive designer, furniture designer and user experience designer among others.

Industrial designers are employed in various industries such as aerospace engineering or medical device production. Self-employed consultants may also be involved in freelance projects.