What Jobs Can I Do With an Industrial Design Degree?

Industrial design degrees provide a unique opportunity to combine creativity with practicality in the workplace. With this degree, you can find a career in a variety of industries, from automotive and aerospace to consumer electronics and medical equipment. Industrial design graduates have the skillset to create innovative products that look good, are easy to use and are functional.

Industrial designers are responsible for creating products from conception to completion. This involves researching the feasibility of a product, designing it in two or three dimensions, creating prototypes and testing them, solidifying materials and production methods, and finally producing the product.

Industrial designers must be knowledgeable about engineering principles such as ergonomics and human factors engineering, as well as aesthetic considerations like color theory and industrial styling. They must also be able to communicate effectively with engineers and other experts in order to ensure that the product meets all specifications.

Industrial design graduates can find careers in many different sectors. For example, automotive companies hire industrial designers to research consumer trends and develop new car designs.

Aerospace companies also employ industrial designers to make sure their aircraft components are efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Consumer electronics companies often hire industrial designers to create new products that meet consumer needs while still being visually appealing.

In addition to these industries, industrial design graduates can find jobs in medical equipment manufacturing firms, furniture companies, appliance manufacturers, toy makers, architectural firms, computer hardware developers, or even fashion design companies.


With an industrial design degree you can pursue a career in many different industries where creativity meets practicality. From automotive companies and aerospace firms to consumer electronics firms or medical equipment manufacturers – there are countless opportunities for industrial designers across various sectors.