What Is the Main Purpose of Package Product Design?

Package product design is the process of creating a package that promotes the product it contains. The ideal package should communicate brand values, differentiate from competitors and be memorable.

It should also be practical, protect the product and be easy to use. Designers must consider the shape, material, colour, graphics, typography and other elements when creating a package for a product.

The primary purpose of package product design is to create an attractive packaging solution that can draw attention from potential buyers. This includes choosing an appropriate shape, materials and graphics that stand out on shelves and make the product visible.

Having a unique package design is key to successful branding as it helps customers remember the brand. It also creates an emotional connection with customers by conveying brand values through its design.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, packaging must also provide practical solutions for protecting and presenting the product inside. This includes selecting materials that are sturdy enough to withstand the conditions of transport while still presenting an attractive appearance. Packaging must also consider size and weight so that it can be easily transported with minimal costs.

The goal of package product design is to create a solution that is both attractive and practical. A successful packaging solution will not only draw attention from potential buyers but will also protect the product inside while being cost-effective for transportation.


The main purpose of package product design is to create a packaging solution that stands out from competitors while providing practical solutions for protecting and presenting the products inside in an attractive manner. Designers must consider many elements such as shape, material, colour, graphics and typography when creating packages in order to create successful branding solutions.