What Are the Purpose of Product Design and Services and Define Each?

Product design and services are a critical component of any business, from small startups to established corporations. The purpose of product design and services is to ensure that customers receive the best possible experience with the company’s offerings. This includes the physical product design, customer service, after-sales support, marketing, and branding.

Product Design: Product design is the process of creating an attractive, functional and appealing product for consumers. A successful product must be attractive enough to draw attention from potential buyers, functional enough to meet their needs, and appealing enough to encourage them to purchase it. Product designers must consider ergonomics, aesthetics, usability and safety when creating a product.

Customer Service: Customer service is an important part of a company’s operations as it helps build trust between businesses and customers. Customer service representatives should be knowledgeable about the products they are selling and should be able to answer questions or address concerns that customers might have. Good customer service can also help create loyal customers who will come back time again for repeat business.

After-Sales Support: After-sales support is provided after the initial sale of a product or service has been made. This includes providing technical support in addition to offering warranties or guarantees on purchased products or services. After-sales support is important as it shows customers that companies are willing to stand behind their products and provide help if something goes wrong with them.

Marketing: Marketing is used by companies to reach out to potential customers in order to promote their products or services. Companies use various methods such as advertising campaigns, public relations efforts, social media campaigns and more in order to spread awareness about their offerings. Marketing campaigns are designed with a goal of increasing sales by convincing consumers that they need or want a particular product or service from the company in question.

Branding: Branding refers to how companies present themselves and their products or services in order for them to stand out from competitors in the market place. It involves creating a unique identity for the company that will resonate with its Target audience so that people remember them when looking for certain products or services. Branding helps create trust between businesses and their customers as well as helping differentiate them from competitors.


The purpose of product design and services is essential for businesses looking to create value for their customers by providing high quality experiences with their offerings. Product design ensures that consumers have an attractive, functional and appealing product at hand; customer service establishes trust between companies and customers; after-sales support offers help when things go wrong; marketing helps create awareness; while branding helps create strong identities that people remember.