What Is Industrial Design Resume?

Industrial design resume is a specialized type of resume used by industrial designers to showcase their expertise and skills in the field. Industrial designers are responsible for creating products and designs for various industries, such as automotive, medical, home goods, and more.

They must have an understanding of the latest trends in product design, materials, and technology in order to be successful in their job. An industrial design resume should highlight the designer’s educational background, experience, and portfolio of work.

Educational Background
A solid educational background is important for any industrial designer. This should include details about the college or university attended, as well as any awards or achievements earned while there.

It’s also important to include any specialized training or certifications that have been acquired since graduation. This can include courses related to CAD software, 3D modeling programs, product prototyping techniques, or other relevant topics that could give employers an idea of the types of skills possessed by the candidate.

When creating an industrial design resume it’s important to detail any experience gained over the years working on projects related to product design and development. This could include details about specific products developed or projects completed while working with a particular company.

It’s also beneficial to list any awards received or relevant honors achieved during this time period. Experience is one of the most important factors employers look for when hiring new employees so it’s important to make sure it is well-detailed on your resume.

An industrial designer’s portfolio is key when looking for a job in this field. Employers want to see examples of past work completed by a potential employee so they can get an idea of what type of design style they are capable of producing.

It’s important to include photos or images from past projects along with detailed descriptions that explain how each project was created from concept through completion. Additionally, if applicable it’s helpful to include sketches or renderings that were used during the development process as these can give employers further insight into the designer’s thought process when creating their products and designs.


A well-crafted industrial design resume should demonstrate a candidate’s educational background, experience in product design and development, as well as showcase examples from their portfolio which illustrate their creative style and abilities in this field.