How Do I Prepare for an Industrial Design Interview?

An industrial design interview is a great way to showcase your skills and portfolio in order to land a job in the industrial design field. Preparing for an industrial design interview is essential and can make all the difference between getting hired or not. The following tips can help you prepare for an industrial design interview:

Research the Company:

Before your interview, it is important to do some research on the company you are interviewing with. Find out what their mission statement and core values are, as well as what projects they are currently working on. This will help you understand what the company expects from its employees and give you insight into how to best present yourself during the interview.

Review Your Portfolio:

Your portfolio should be up-to-date and display your best work. Make sure that each piece in your portfolio is relevant to the job you are interviewing for, and that it shows off your skillset and creativity. Additionally, bring copies of your portfolio with you to the interview so that you can demonstrate your work directly to the interviewer.

Practice Your Answers:

It’s important to practice answering potential questions that may come up during an industrial design interview. Have someone review your answers with you or do a mock-interview if possible. This will help reduce stress and anxiety during the actual interview.

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer:

Asking questions in an interview shows that you are engaged and interested in learning more about the company. Prepare a few questions beforehand so that you have something to ask when given an opportunity, such as “What challenges has this team faced while creating new products?” or “What is most important when creating designs?”


Preparing for an industrial design interview requires research, practice, and preparation.

By researching the company beforehand, reviewing your portfolio, practicing answers to potential questions, and preparing questions of your own to ask during the interview -you will be well equipped for success!