What Do You Learn in Industrial Design Major?

Industrial design is a major that offers students the opportunity to learn how to create and design products that will be used by consumers. This major has become increasingly popular over the past few decades as companies look for ways to make their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Industrial designers are responsible for developing innovative designs that meet the needs of their clients and customers, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing product. Industrial designers must have a strong understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, market trends, and user experience in order to create successful products.

In an industrial design major, students will learn about different materials used in product design and how they can be manipulated to create desired effects. They will gain knowledge about manufacturing processes such as injection molding and 3D printing and how these processes can be used to produce quality products quickly and cost-effectively. Students will also learn about ergonomics and human-centered design principles; this helps them create products that are comfortable and easy to use.

Industrial design majors must also understand the importance of market research. They need to be able to identify potential consumers, their needs, preferences, purchasing habits, etc., in order to create products that meet their needs. Additionally, students must understand color theory so they can choose colors for their designs that evoke specific emotions or feelings in customers.

Computer-aided design (CAD) is an essential skill for industrial designers as it enables them to quickly create 3D models of their designs. Students learn how to use CAD software such as Rhino3D or SolidWorks as well as other tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator that help them bring their ideas into reality.

Industrial Design majors learn a variety of skills from ergonomics and human-centered design principles to market research and computer-aided design (CAD). This major provides students with the knowledge they need to develop innovative products that meet consumer needs while providing an aesthetically pleasing product.