What Is a 3D Design Class in High School?

A 3D Design class in high school is a great way to learn how to be creative with the latest technologies. This type of class focuses on 3D design concepts, such as modeling and animation, and teaches students how to create realistic three-dimensional images and objects. Students will also learn about the different software programs used in 3D design, including Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Blender.

The curriculum of a 3D Design class typically includes topics such as form and shape, color theory, lighting and rendering techniques, and the basics of character rigging. Students will also gain hands-on experience in creating their own digital artworks. They will learn how to use various tools such as brushes, textures, masks, and filters to create a range of digital images with incredible detail.

In addition to creating artwork from scratch, students may be asked to recreate existing products or scenes for virtual reality applications or video games. They may also be asked to animate a series of still images or characters into motion sequences. This type of project requires an understanding of the principles of animation as well as the ability to visualize motion through key frames.

During the coursework in a 3D Design class, students will have an opportunity to explore their creativity while learning fundamental principles that are essential for success in the field. For example, they will need basic knowledge about computer programming languages such as C++ and Java in order to write code that controls their models or animations. They’ll also need a good understanding of physics concepts like gravity and friction so they can accurately simulate real-world motion in their designs.

Finally, students taking this type of class should expect plenty of hands-on practice with the software programs used for 3D design projects. With enough practice and dedication, those who successfully complete this type of coursework should have all the skills necessary for success in any 3D design related career path they choose.


A 3D Design class in high school is an excellent way for students to explore their creativity while gaining valuable skills required for professional success in this field. Students enrolled in such a course should expect plenty of hands-on practice with relevant software programs as well as instruction on fundamentals like color theory, lighting techniques, animation principles, computer programming languages like C++ or Java and physics concepts like gravity.