What Do You Study in 3D Design?

3D design is a creative field of study that involves the creation of three-dimensional models using computer software. It is a rapidly growing field, and more people are turning to 3D design to create unique and eye-catching artwork. 3D design can be used for everything from product design to animation and even digital art.

Students studying 3D design will learn about the fundamentals of digital art such as lighting, texturing and rendering. They will also learn about how to develop their own style, as well as the basics of modeling, sculpting and animation. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of composition, color theory and perspective in 3D design.

The software used in 3D design varies depending on the type of project being created. Popular programs such as AutoDesk Maya, Blender and Zbrush are used by many professionals in this field. Students will also become familiar with these programs in order to create their own 3D designs.

In addition to learning the technical aspects of 3D design, students also need to become familiar with the creative side. This includes learning how to come up with unique ideas for projects, understanding how different materials interact with each other and developing a style that is all their own.

3D design can be applied in many different industries, including gaming, film production, architecture and product design. Students who pursue a degree in this field can expect to find work creating digital assets for movies or designing video games. They may also find themselves working on architectural projects or creating product prototypes.


3D Design is an incredibly versatile field that enables students to create stunning visual effects. It requires knowledge of both technical aspects such as software programs and artistic components such as composition and color theory. With a degree in this field students can expect to find work in various industries such as gaming, film production or architecture.