What Degree Is 3D Design?

3D design is a rapidly growing field of creativity and technology, and it’s no surprise that more people are looking to get a degree in this versatile form of art. 3D design allows for the creation of almost anything you can imagine, from video games to movies to architectural designs. As such, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for anyone looking to create something special.

The specific degree you need depends on the type of 3D design you want to pursue. If you’re interested in creating virtual worlds or video games, then a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or game design is likely the best option. This type of degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to create immersive virtual worlds that utilize cutting-edge technology. You’ll learn how to develop 3D models, textures and lighting as well as how to program game engines.

If you’re looking for something more artistic, then consider a Bachelor’s degree in animation or media arts and animation. This type of degree will help you develop both your artistic and technical skills when it comes to creating 3D animation projects. You’ll learn about sculpting and rigging characters, setting up scene compositions, and understanding motion capture techniques for animating characters realistically.

For those interested in using 3D design for architectural purposes like building or interior design, then a Bachelor’s degree in architecture is the way to go. This type of degree will give you the knowledge necessary to create detailed architectural models that can be used for simulations or even fabricating prototypes with advanced digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing or CNC milling.


No matter which type of 3D design interests you most, there are plenty of degrees available that can help get your career started off on the right foot. From computer science degrees for video game designers to media arts degrees for animators and architecture degrees for architects, there’s no limit when it comes to getting a degree in 3D design.