What Is 3D Design Class?

3D Design Class is a unique course that focuses on the creative process of creating 3-dimensional objects. It is a great way to learn about the basics of 3D design, and to explore different types of digital media.

In this course, students will learn about the principles of 3D design, such as lighting, textures, perspective, and materials. They will also learn how to use various software programs to create 3D models and animations.

The class covers a variety of topics related to 3D design, including modeling techniques, rendering methods, animation systems, and more. Students will learn how to use different software tools such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, ZBrush and Substance Painter.

They will also be able to create their own projects using these tools. By learning these techniques, students can develop their own 3D designs for games or other applications.

3D Design Class also provides an opportunity for students to explore the real-world applications of their designs. Students are encouraged to work on projects that can be used in real-life situations or scenarios.

This could include designing a virtual reality environment or creating a medical device prototype. Through this type of learning experience, students can gain valuable insight into the actual process of creating digital objects in a real-world setting.

The class is designed for both beginners and experienced designers alike. Beginners can take advantage of the fundamentals taught in the class while experienced designers can brush up on their skillset by exploring more advanced topics. The course also offers a wide variety of projects which allows students to build their portfolio and gain experience in designing for real world applications.


3D Design Class is an excellent way for people interested in digital media and design to gain hands-on experience with 3D modeling tools and techniques as well as apply their knowledge in practical projects with real-world applications. It provides an opportunity for beginners as well as experienced designers alike to explore new ideas while sharpening existing skills.