What Font Is Similar to Disney on Cricut?

Disney has long been a beloved entertainment company, and its iconic logo is recognized throughout the world. The Disney font is a signature style that lends itself to many different types of projects.

Whether you’re looking to create a Disney-themed design or just want to add some fun and whimsy to your project, the Disney font is a great choice. But if you’re using Cricut, you might be wondering: what font is similar to Disney on Cricut?

The answer is there are several fonts that are similar to the classic Disney font. The most popular choices are Walt Disney Script, Waltograph, and Cartoonist Hand. All three of these fonts have a similar handwritten look that evokes the classic style of Disney’s signature font.

Walt Disney Script

Walt Disney Script is perhaps the most similar font to the classic Disney logo. It has an elegant curly cursive style that mimics the original look. This font can be used for projects like posters, invitations, scrapbooking pages, and more.


Waltograph is another script font that captures the same whimsical style as the original Disney logo. It includes both upper- and lowercase letters as well as numerals and punctuation marks. The font also includes several alternate characters for added creativity.

Cartoonist Hand

Cartoonist Hand is a bolder version of Waltograph with a slightly more cartoonish look. This font has all capital letters with unique flourishes on each letter. It also includes alternate characters for added versatility.


When it comes to finding a font similar to the classic Disney logo on Cricut, there are several great options available. Walt Disney Script, Waltograph, and Cartoonist Hand all capture the same whimsical feel as the original logo while still providing plenty of creative freedom for your designs.