What Did Versace Do to Tommie?

On October 1st, 2018, rapper Tommie Lee received a lot of attention from the media after she posted a video on her Instagram page accusing fashion brand Versace of racial profiling. According to Tommie, she was Targeted by the staff at a Versace store in Atlanta because of her skin color. The incident sparked controversy and led to calls for boycotts of the company.

The incident occurred when Tommie visited the Versace store to purchase an outfit for the BET Hip Hop Awards. She claimed that as soon as she entered the store, the staff began following her closely. She said that they made her feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the store.

Tommie further claimed that when she tried to make a purchase, the staff told her that they couldn’t accept cash payments and asked her to provide a credit card or ID. Tommie said that she had never been asked for such documents before while shopping at high-end stores and felt like they were singling her out because of her race.

The incident left Tommie upset and frustrated, and she took to social media to call out Versace for their behavior. In response, Versace issued a statement apologizing for any offense caused but denied any accusations of racial profiling.

This incident sparked an important conversation about racial profiling in high-end stores and prompted many people to share their own experiences with discrimination while shopping. It also led to calls for more diversity in the fashion industry and raised questions about how brands can make their stores more welcoming and inclusive for all customers.

In conclusion, what happened between Tommie Lee and Versace was more than just an isolated incident; it highlighted larger issues of racism and profiling in our society. It’s important that we continue this conversation and work towards creating a more inclusive world where everyone feels welcome regardless of their race or ethnicity.