What Happened to Jay Versace?

Have you been wondering what happened to Jay Versace? This social media star has had his fair share of ups and downs over the past few years, leaving many of his fans curious about his current situation.

Who is Jay Versace?

Jay Versace, whose real name is Javaris Crittenton, is a content creator and social media influencer. He first rose to fame on the now-defunct video-sharing app, Vine. His hilarious skits and relatable content quickly gained him a massive following, with over 3 million followers at the peak of his Vine career.

After Vine shut down in 2017, Jay Versace turned to other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to continue creating content. He has since amassed millions of followers on these platforms as well.

The Incident

In early 2020, Jay Versace made headlines for an incident that occurred at a New Jersey hotel. He was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a hotel employee after being asked to leave the premises due to noise complaints.

According to reports, Jay Versace was intoxicated at the time and became belligerent when asked to leave. He allegedly threatened the employee with a knife before being apprehended by police.

Where is he now?

Since the incident at the New Jersey hotel, there has been little news about Jay Versace’s current whereabouts or activities. Some speculate that he may be taking time away from social media while others believe he may be focusing on personal projects outside of social media.

Despite his absence from social media, Jay Versace’s loyal fanbase continues to support him and eagerly awaits his return.


Jay Versace’s journey has been full of highs and lows. While he may have faced some setbacks in recent years, there’s no denying his talent as a content creator and the impact he’s had on social media.

As his fans, we can only hope that Jay Versace is taking care of himself and continuing to pursue his passions. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future.