What 3 Requirements Must a Product of Industrial Design Meet?

Industrial design is a critical aspect of production for any company that wishes to be successful in the market. Products must be well-designed, efficient, and attractive in order to appeal to consumers. Industrial designers must take into account a variety of factors when producing products, and there are certain requirements that all industrial designs must meet in order to be successful.

The first requirement of a product of industrial design is usability.

The product must be designed so that it is easy to use and understand by its intended users. The user interface should be well-designed so that it is intuitive and simple to use, and the product should not require any complicated or unnecessary steps for operation. Additionally, the product should be designed with the latest technology so that it can keep up with changing trends in the market.

The second requirement for industrial design products is safety. The product should be designed with safety in mind, as it can pose potential hazards when used improperly or without caution.

The product should have clear warnings about potential dangers associated with its use, as well as effective safeguards built in to help mitigate these risks. Additionally, certain aspects of the design may need to comply with certain safety standards or regulations.

The third requirement for industrial design products is durability. The product should be designed to withstand regular wear and tear through long-term use.

This includes using materials that are strong enough to resist damage from heavy use or environmental conditions such as temperature extremes or moisture exposure. Additionally, components such as buttons or switches should remain functional even after multiple uses.


In order for a product of industrial design to be successful, it must meet three key requirements: usability, safety, and durability. A well-designed product will not only appeal more effectively to consumers but also ensure their safety while using it and its long-term functionality over time.