WHAT a Levels Do You Need for Product Design?

Product design is a critical component of any product-oriented business. It is the process of creating a product that meets the needs and wants of the consumer. While there are no specific educational requirements for this role, having a degree in product design or related field can give you an edge when applying for jobs.

A bachelor’s degree in product design, industrial design, engineering, or any other relevant field is typically required to break into the profession. Many employers prefer applicants with a master’s degree in product design or related field. Programs typically require applicants to have completed coursework in 2-D and 3-D design, materials science, production processes, and ergonomics.

For those with no formal education in product design, there are still plenty of ways to gain experience and qualifications. Professional certification programs are available through organizations such as the American Designers Institute (ADI). These certificates demonstrate competency in areas such as production processes and ergonomic principles.

Other ways to gain experience include taking classes related to product design at a university or local college. Internships are also a great way to build your portfolio and gain hands-on experience. Additionally, many employers offer on-the-job training for new hires.

In short, if you want to pursue a career in product design you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in product design or related field. However, it is possible to gain experience and qualifications through certification programs, classes, internships and on-the-job training.