How Do I Shoot a Silhouette From My Phone?

Shooting a Silhouette with your phone can be a great way to add drama, mystery and creativity to your photos. A Silhouette is an image that consists of a solid black shape with all the details of the subject being lost in the dark. It’s an interesting technique that can be used to create some stunning images.

To get the best results when shooting a Silhouette from your phone, you’ll need to pay attention to the lighting. It’s best to shoot Silhouettes when there is strong backlighting coming from behind or beside your subject. This will create the black shape against a bright background, which is essential for creating a dramatic Silhouette shot.

The next step is to frame your shot. When shooting a Silhouette, it’s important that the subject is clearly separated from the background. This means that you should position your subject in such a way that they are clearly standing out from their surroundings, otherwise it may not be possible to distinguish them from the rest of the image.

You may also want to adjust any other camera settings, such as ISO and shutter speed, as these can affect how bright or dark your picture will be. If you have an adjustable aperture setting on your phone, it may also be worth playing around with this to see what kind of effect it has on your pictures.

Once you have all these settings sorted out, then it’s time to press the shutter button and capture your image.

You should now have a beautiful Silhouette shot that you can use for creative projects or just enjoy looking at.


Shooting Silhouettes on your phone doesn’t take much effort and can really add something special to your photos. All you need is some good lighting and then you can experiment with different framing techniques and camera settings until you get something unique and eye-catching.