How Do I Make a Silhouette From a Picture on My iPhone?

Making a Silhouette from a picture on an iPhone is a great way to get creative with your photos. It can be used to highlight important elements in the photo or just to add a bit of fun flare. The process is relatively simple and requires only a few steps.

Step 1: Open the photo you would like to make a Silhouette of.

Go to your photos app and find the image you would like to use. Make sure the image is clear, as Silhouettes work best when there are no objects in the background of the photo.

Step 2: Launch the editing tool.

Once you have opened your photo, tap on “Edit”. This will open up the editing tool where you can crop, adjust colors and more. At the bottom of this page, there should be an icon that looks like three circles with dots inside them, this is what will allow you to create your Silhouette.

Step 3: Select “Cutout”.

Once you have tapped on this icon, select “Cutout.”

This will then bring up a few options for creating your Silhouette. You can either choose “Preset Cutouts” or “Custom Cutouts.” If you choose “Preset Cutouts,” it will give you several pre-made Silhouettes to choose from. If you choose “Custom Cutouts,” it will allow you to manually draw around the area of your image that you want to make into a Silhouette.

Step 4: Adjust as needed.

After selecting either option, make sure that all areas that should be part of your Silhouette are selected correctly. To do this, use the brush tool (the circle with dots inside) and adjust accordingly until everything looks perfect. Once complete, tap “Done” at the top right corner and then save your new photo.

Creating a Silhouette from an image on an iPhone is simple and easy to do. With just four steps; opening up your desired image, launching the editing tool, selecting “Cutout” and adjusting as needed; anyone can create their own unique Silhouettes in minutes!