How Do You Turn a Picture Into a Silhouette on iPhone?

Turning a picture into a Silhouette on an iPhone is an easy process. All you need to do is open the image in the Photos app, select the ‘Edit’ option, and then choose ‘Filters’. In the filter menu, you will see a list of filters that you can apply to your image. Look for the ‘Silhouette’ filter, and select it to turn your picture into a Silhouette.

The Silhouette filter in iPhones works by turning all of the colors in your photo to black, while leaving any whites or bright colors as white. The effect may not work as well on images with lots of different colored objects, but it usually produces great results with photos of people or animals. If there are any parts of your image that you don’t want to turn into a Silhouette, you can use the brush tool to mask out those areas before applying the filter.

Once you have applied the Silhouette filter to your photo, you can make further adjustments by using sliders for brightness and contrast. You can also use other tools such as blur or sharpening to give your image more definition or make it softer. Once you have finished making adjustments, save your image and share it with friends!


Turning a picture into a Silhouette on an iPhone is an easy process that only requires selecting the ‘Silhouette’ filter from the Photos app’s editing menu. You can also make further adjustments using sliders and other tools before saving and sharing your edited photo with friends.