Does Design Home Use Real Money?

Design Home is an app-based game that allows users to design a virtual home. The game is designed for both iOS and Android and has been downloaded over 10 million times since its release in 2016. Players are given access to a wide range of furniture, fabrics, and other decor items to create their dream home.

The game’s main currency is called “Diamonds” which are used to purchase furniture, fabric, and other decor items. These Diamonds can be earned through completing challenges or by purchasing them with real money. Players can also earn rewards in the form of virtual currency called “Cash” which can be used to purchase select items in the game.

Design Home offers players the ability to customize their home without spending real money by providing them with options such as exchanging diamonds for cash or participating in challenges with real rewards. Additionally, players can take part in contests and vote on other player’s designs for the chance to win prizes such as gift cards or exclusive items from Design Home partners like Pottery Barn or Wayfair.

However, it should be noted that while the majority of Design Home’s content can be enjoyed without spending any real money, some features require players spend real money to access them. For example, certain furniture items and decor can only be purchased with diamonds which must be purchased with real money. Additionally, some contests require entry fees which must also be paid for with real money.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Design Home does use real money as a means of accessing certain features of the game such as exclusive furniture items and entry fees for contests. However, players have access to a wide range of options that do not require any monetary investment so they can enjoy the game without having to spend any real money at all.