Does Design Home Cost Money?

Design Home is a game created by Crowdstar, Inc. and released in 2017. It is a mobile game that allows users to create virtual 3D home designs and compete online with other players.

Design Home offers a unique approach to home design, allowing users to select furnishings and accessories from real manufacturers such as Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and more. Players can also earn rewards for completing tasks or challenges.

The question remains: does Design Home cost money? The short answer is yes, Design Home does cost money.

However, the amount of money required depends on the type of user you are. For those just looking to play casually, there is no cost associated with the game itself; players can download the app for free and play without spending any money. However, if you’re looking to buy furniture or challenge other players for rewards, then you will need to purchase coins or diamonds in order to do so – this is where the cost comes in.

Design Home Coins are used within the game to purchase items such as furniture and decorations for your home designs. They can be purchased using real-world currency at varying prices depending on the amount purchased; generally speaking, buying larger amounts of coins will lower the overall cost per coin. Alternatively, users can earn coins by completing certain tasks or challenges within Design Home – although this method may take longer than simply buying them outright.

Design Home Diamonds are a premium currency used within Design Home that provide access to exclusive items not available with coins alone. They’re generally more expensive than coins but provide access to higher-quality items that would otherwise be unavailable without them. Diamonds can only be purchased using real-world currency and cannot be earned through tasks or challenges like coins can – so if you’re looking for top-tier items then diamonds are your only option.

So does Design Home cost money? Yes – but it doesn’t have to if you’re just playing casually; however, those looking for specific items or rewards may need to purchase coins or diamonds in order to do so. Ultimately it all comes down to how much you want out of your Design Home experience – if you’re willing to spend a bit of money then there are plenty of options available!

Conclusion: In conclusion, Design Home does require some monetary investment if users wish to purchase coins or diamonds in order to access exclusive items or complete certain tasks and challenges – however casual players can still enjoy the game without spending any money at all!