Does Design Home App Cost Money?

Design Home is a hugely popular app that allows users to virtually design and furnish their own spaces. The app has become immensely popular with interior design enthusiasts and budding home decorators alike.

The app itself is free to download, so the question many people have is whether or not Design Home actually costs money. The answer is not as straightforward as one might think.

Design Home offers an extensive library of furniture and home decor items that users can choose from when designing their virtual space. These items range in price from free to premium, with some costing real money while others are earned through completing in-app challenges or quests. For users who want to purchase the premium items, they can do so by using the in-game currency, Diamonds, which can be purchased using real money.

In addition to purchasing items, Design Home also has a unique feature called “Live Challenges” which allow players to compete against each other in weekly design competitions for in-game currency and rewards. Players are judged based on their designs and those who place highest on the leaderboard will receive Diamonds as rewards for their efforts. This is an excellent way for players to earn Diamonds without having to actually spend real money on them.

The final way players can earn Diamonds without spending money is by simply logging into the app and playing regularly every day. Design Home offers daily login rewards that range from small amounts of coins all the way up to 1000+ Diamonds depending on how long a player has been playing the game continuously.

So while Design Home does not initially cost any money, users do have the option of purchasing premium items with real money if they so choose. However, there are plenty of opportunities within the game itself for players to earn these premium items without having to spend anything at all.


To conclude, Design Home does not cost any money initially; however players do have the option of purchasing premium items using real money if they so choose. There are also other ways players can earn these premium items without spending any money such as completing Live Challenges or simply logging into the app regularly.