Does BU Have Graphic Design?

Does BU Have Graphic Design?

Boston University offers a plethora of degree programs that can help students excel in their desired career paths. Graphic design is one of the many majors offered at BU, and is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances.

Graphic design encompasses a range of creative activities, from creating logos to designing advertisements and packaging for products. It requires an understanding of color theory, composition, and typography. With the advent of digital tools, graphic designers have access to a wide range of new tools to create stunning visuals for their projects.

At BU, students can major in graphic design through the College of Arts & Sciences or through the College of Communication. Through both options, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques necessary to be successful in the field. Students will also be able to choose from a variety of electives that allow them to explore other areas such as web design or video production.

BU also provides students with access to industry-standard software and hardware necessary for completing their projects. Students can use Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling software such as Maya or Blender, as well as printing equipment if needed. Additionally, there are numerous resources available on campus where students can sharpen their skills and gain hands-on experience in graphic design such as campus clubs and student organizations like Design Society or AIGA Boston University Chapter.

In conclusion, Boston University does offer an extensive range of graphic design majors for both undergrads and grads alike who are looking for an edge in this competitive field. With access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities for hands-on learning experiences provided by BU, students have all they need to become successful professionals in this exciting industry.