Does UW Have a Graphic Design Program?

The University of Washington offers a wide range of degrees in the field of graphic design, making it one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. From web design to advertising and marketing, UW has something for everyone interested in graphic design.

The program is designed to give students a thorough education in the principles and practices of graphic design. It begins with an introduction to the fundamentals such as color theory, typography, composition, and visual communication.

From there, students move on to more advanced courses covering topics such as digital imaging, illustration and animation. There are also courses devoted to interactive media and motion graphics.

For those interested in professional practice, UW offers a Graphic Design Certificate Program. This program provides students with the skills necessary for working professionally in the industry. In addition to coursework, students can also participate in workshops and seminars led by industry professionals who bring real-life experience into the classroom.

UW also offers a variety of extracurricular activities related to graphic design including clubs, internships and conferences that provide additional opportunities for networking and learning. Additionally, UW has an impressive network of alumni that can offer mentorship and guidance to current students.

In short, UW’s graphic design program is comprehensive and provides numerous opportunities for aspiring designers to hone their craft while developing their professional skillset.


In conclusion, yes, University of Washington does have a comprehensive graphic design program that offers students a well-rounded education on principles and practices in this field as well as extracurricular activities such as workshops and seminars for further career development.