Does UWM Have a Graphic Design Program?

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has a long history of providing students with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals. As the only public university in the Milwaukee area, UWM provides a variety of degree and certificate options that allow students to pursue their passions. One such option is UWM’s Graphic Design Program.

The Graphic Design Program at UWM offers students a comprehensive examination of design principles and techniques. Students in this program gain an understanding of digital media and its application to design projects, as well as learn how to create effective visual communications using typography, color, imagery, print production, web design and other digital technologies. The program also teaches students how to develop innovative concepts that are visually compelling and technically accurate.

In addition to the core graphic design courses, the program also offers courses in illustration, motion graphics, interactive design and more. These classes allow students to explore a variety of mediums for expressing ideas visually. With so many courses available, students can tailor their learning experience to fit their individual needs and interests.

UWM also offers a range of support services for students enrolled in the Graphic Design Program. Faculty advisors work closely with each student to develop an individualized plan that meets their educational goals while providing them with guidance on career paths after graduation. The Career Services Center provides resources such as resume reviews, job search assistance and internship opportunities.

Overall, UWM’s Graphic Design Program offers an extensive curriculum that helps prepare students for success in their chosen field. With a diverse selection of courses and support services available, those interested in graphic design can be sure they will receive the education they need to reach their goals.


Yes, UWM does have a Graphic Design Program which provides comprehensive training in digital media as well as courses covering topics like illustration and motion graphics for those interested in pursuing this field professionally. With various support services available from faculty advisors and the Career Services Center, UWM’s Graphic Design Program is an excellent choice for those seeking an education in this field.