Does UNM Have Graphic Design Programs?

The University of New Mexico is a highly respected academic institution offering a wide array of degree programs and majors. It is well-known for its top-notch education and research opportunities. One area that has gained particular attention in recent years is the university’s Graphic Design Programs.

Graphic design programs at UNM are designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths within the field. The curriculum provides an overview of the fundamentals, such as typography, layout, color, and illustration.

Additionally, courses also cover digital media, branding and identity design, web design and development, motion graphics, user experience design, interface design, and more. Students also have the opportunity to take electives in areas such as animation and photography.

UNM offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in graphic design. The Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design program is an excellent choice for those looking to gain an understanding of the fundamentals with an emphasis on creative problem solving. For those seeking more advanced studies in the field, UNM also offers a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design which further explores topics like creative direction for digital media projects as well as leadership skills related to managing teams and client relationships.

The faculty at UNM’s Department of Art & Art History includes some of the top graphic designers working today who bring their expertise into the classroom by creating inspiring learning environments that nurture creativity while fostering critical thinking skills. Additionally, students have access to state-of-the-art equipment such as computers with Adobe Creative Suite software packages (Photoshop, InDesign), printing presses, scanners, cameras and more. This allows them to develop their projects from concept through completion while gaining invaluable hands-on experience that can be applied directly in the workplace upon graduation.

Overall it’s no surprise why UNM’s Graphic Design Programs have become so popular among aspiring designers – it provides an exceptional education with access to world-class faculty and industry standard resources. So whether you’re looking to start a career or take your existing skillset to the next level – UNM has something for everyone!

Conclusion: The University of New Mexico offers comprehensive graphic design programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels that provide students with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge base combined with real life experience that can be applied immediately in the workplace upon graduation. Therefore it can be said without hesitation that yes – UNM does indeed have graphic design programs!