Does UGA Have Graphic Design?

The University of Georgia (UGA) has a long history of offering quality education in graphic design. Established in 1801, UGA’s College of Environment and Design has been providing students with the necessary skills to pursue a career in graphic design since its inception.

Its curriculum includes courses that focus on the fundamentals of design, such as typography, color theory, and illustration. UGA also offers more advanced classes such as digital imaging, web design, and interactive media.

The college also provides students with access to some of the most advanced graphic design software available today. Students learn how to use industry-leading programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. With access to these tools, students can master the technical skills needed for a successful career in graphic design.

In addition to its exceptional curriculum, UGA also provides students with excellent resources for their studies. The university offers an extensive library for reference materials and research assistance. It also provides a variety of student clubs and organizations related to graphic design, allowing students to network with other professionals in their field.


In conclusion, UGA certainly does have a strong program for those interested in pursuing a career in graphic design. With its comprehensive curriculum and access to modern tools and resources, UGA is an excellent choice for any aspiring designer looking to further their education.