Can the Cricut Maker Engrave Metal?

The Cricut Maker is a powerful and versatile cutting machine that has revolutionized the craft and DIY industry. With its ability to cut paper, fabric, foam, and more, the Cricut Maker has opened up a world of creative possibilities.

But what about engraving? Can the Cricut Maker engrave metal?

The answer is yes! The Cricut Maker can be used to engrave metal with the proper tools and materials.

It does this by using a combination of a blade-like tool called an engraver bit and a specialized cutting material for metal called metal foil. The metal foil acts as a protective layer between the material being engraved and the blade-like tool.

When it comes to selecting metal for engraving, you’ll want to use thin sheets of aluminum or brass for best results. These types of metals are soft enough that they won’t damage your engraver bit or cause too much wear on your machine over time. You can also use other types of metals such as steel or copper, but they require different techniques and might not produce consistent results.

To get started with engraving metal with the Cricut Maker, you’ll need to purchase the Engraving Kit, which includes an Engraver Bit, Metal Foil sheets, and instructions. Then all you have to do is design your project in Design Space (Cricut’s free online design software) using one of their pre-made projects or creating something from scratch.

Once your project is ready, simply load your Engraver Bit into your machine’s QuickSwap housing along with a sheet of Metal Foil, select “Engrave” as your material setting in Design Space, place your material onto the cutting mat in position beneath the blade tip and press “Go!” Your Cricut Maker will then begin to etch into the Metal Foil according to your design.


Yes, The Cricut Maker is capable of engraving metal when used with an Engraver Bit and Metal Foil sheets. This opens up an entirely new range of possibilities for those who want to take their projects up a notch!