What Books Should I Read for Graphic Design?

Graphic design has become an increasingly popular profession, and those wishing to break into the field must understand the basics of good design. One way to do this is by reading books that provide tips and tricks for creating effective, eye-catching designs. Here are some of the best books to read when getting started with graphic design:

The Non-Designer’s Design Book

This book is written by Robin Williams and provides a great starting point for anyone new to design. The book covers principles such as color, typography, balance, contrast, and more. It also includes hints on how to create effective layouts and use different design elements in your work.

Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography

This text by Jim Williams is considered one of the best books on typography available today. It provides an in-depth look at typeface history and anatomy, as well as useful tips for selecting fonts that will enhance your designs. It also has sections on combining typefaces, spacing between letters and words, using punctuation marks correctly, and more.

Logo Design Love

Written by David Airey, this book is a great resource for anyone looking to create logos. It includes case studies of successful logos from around the world as well as advice on how to make yours stand out from the crowd. Airey also provides tips on working with clients and dealing with copyright issues.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design

This classic text by Josef Müller-Brockmann explains how to use grids effectively when designing printed materials such as books or magazines. It covers topics such as hierarchy, alignment, proportion, and more. Even if you’re not working with print media, this book will give you a better understanding of how grids can be used in any type of graphic design.

The Elements of Graphic Design

This book by Alexander W. White explains the fundamental principles of graphic design in an easy-to-understand way. White discusses topics such as visual hierarchy, composition, color theory, typography rules and more — all essential knowledge for any graphic designer.

These five books should be enough to get anyone started in their journey towards becoming a successful graphic designer. Each one provides useful information that can be applied directly to your designs — so don’t hesitate to pick them up! With these resources at your disposal you’ll have no problem creating stunning visuals that capture attention.


What Books Should I Read for Graphic Design?
The five books mentioned above are essential reading for anyone interested in becoming a graphic designer – they provide key knowledge about color theory, typography rules & grid systems which are essential elements & principles when it comes to creating stunning visuals!