Which Louis Vuitton Bags Have Been Recalled?

Louis Vuitton is a renowned luxury fashion brand that has been in the market for over a century. The brand is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, making it one of the most desirable brands worldwide.

However, there have been instances where certain Louis Vuitton bags were recalled due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss which Louis Vuitton bags have been recalled and why.

Why do Bags get Recalled?

Recalls are usually initiated when a product has a manufacturing or design defect that poses a risk to the consumer’s safety. In the case of Louis Vuitton bags, they can be recalled if there is a fault in the design or material used. These faults can range from faulty stitching, defective zippers, or even hazardous materials used in production.

The Recalled Louis Vuitton Bags

Here are some of the Louis Vuitton bags that have been recalled:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and MM

In 2014, Louis Vuitton issued a recall for its Neverfull GM and MM bags due to reports of the interior lining peeling off. This defect was caused by an issue with the adhesive used during production. Customers who purchased these bags were advised to bring them back to any Louis Vuitton store for a free replacement of the lining.

Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain Bag

In 2018, Louis Vuitton recalled its Pallas Chain Bag due to reports of defective clasps that caused them to unexpectedly open and spill their contents. The recall affected all models of this bag sold between July 2016 and August 2018.

Louis Vuitton Tote Bags

In 2020, Louis Vuitton recalled several models of their tote bags due to faulty screws that could cause the handles to detach. Affected models included the Neverfull, Capucines, and Twist bags sold between 2019 and 2020.

What to do if you own a Recalled Bag?

If you own a recalled Louis Vuitton bag, it is important to take action immediately. Contact your nearest Louis Vuitton store or customer service center to find out the next steps. In most cases, the brand will offer a free repair or replacement of the bag.


Recalls are not uncommon in the fashion industry, and Louis Vuitton is no exception. While these instances may be rare, it is crucial to stay informed about any recalls that may affect your purchases. If you own a recalled Louis Vuitton bag, be sure to take action promptly to ensure your safety and satisfaction with your purchase.